James Hager, Ph.D.

James Hager
Scholar in Residence for Mathematics and Physical Sciences

James Hager, Ph.D., is the Associate Director of Undergraduate Education in the Mathematics Department, Coordinator of First Year Business Calculus and Math Programs, Scholar - Mathematics and Physical Sciences at Penn State Learning, and Senior Research Scientist, SRI International.

He received his B.S/M.A. degrees in Mathematics in 1975 from The Pennsylvania State University and his PhD in Mathematics from Stanford University in 1980. His areas of expertise/current research include optimization strategies for scheduling of severely constrained resources, mathematics-based, formal theorem proving approaches, basic research/science related to data fusion approaches within human, social, cultural, and behavior models.

Hager responsible for the content and classroom delivery of several undergraduate courses. He is responsible for the collection and analysis of the data necessary to assess the quality of the department’s undergraduate educational experience, and the effectiveness of its student intervention programs. He currently chairs the math department’s Teaching Effectiveness seminar series.

His responsibilities at Penn State Learning include: 1) providing liaison services between the Math Department and Penn State Learning Center, 2) working with Eberly College of Science faculty members to identify areas within individual courses where students need assistance, 3) work with faculty members to consider new pedagogy and curricular innovations, 4) developing and support in a variety of learning situations that engage students and encourage them to take personal responsibility for their education, 5) working closely with the Center for Excellence in Science Education (currently on Advisory Board).

Office: 211 McAllister

Photo: Brooke Baker