Guided Study Groups @ Penn State Learning

Guided Study Groups (GSG): Students Helping Students Succeed!

Guided Study Groups @ Penn State Learning  (GSG) is part of a collaborative learning program designed to support students who are seeking additional support for larger lecture courses. Ninety-five percent of students report satisfaction or extreme satisfaction with our resources. GSGs are led by trained student leaders who use their own experience to provide the most effective support in a variety of courses (more information on this in our FAQ). Read on to discover how GSGs can help you succeed.  

Find a Session for You

GSGs are available in person and on Zoom depending on the course. Attendance is voluntary and confidential, so come and go as you please. 

  • All exam reviews are via Zoom. Check review schedule regularly for updates. 

  • Recordings will be made available for students enrolled in supported courses. 

  • Session times are found on our session schedule or  on your course Canvas page or syllabus.

How to Suceed

Guided Study Groups @ Penn State Learning is here to help you reach your goals. However, your success will be determined by how you use our resources. Here are some tips to stay committed and be ready to learn!  

  • Prepare for sessions and attend regularly.   

  • Read your course materials! Bring questions to ask your GSG leader.  

  • Be willing to work with your peers in a group setting. You are here to help each other!   

  • Attend course lectures and visit faculty and TA office hours and department resource rooms for additional guidance.  

GSGs can help you:

  • Think more critically about your course material, class lectures, and homework  

  • Learn how to question yourself and others to better understand a subject 

  • Easily recognize key concepts 

  • Collaborate with peers to gain multiple perspectives and work towards solutions  

  • Articulate your knowledge on and questions about a subject 

  • Productively build on foundational material  

  • Prepare for quizzes and exams with weekly review sessions 

Additional Information

Contact Information

Dr. Brendaly Drayton
Scholar in Residence-Learning Communities
Office Location: 212A Boucke
814-863-6313 or


Annette Threeton
Mathematics Cocurricular Coordinator
Office Location: 205B Boucke