Spanish Language Exam Review Dates:*


  • Exam 1
  • Sunday, September 24 with Lauren
  • Exam 2
  • Sunday, October 29 in 006 Sparks with Lauren and Danielle 
  • Exam 3
  • Sunday, November 26 in 006 Sparks with Lauren


  • Exam 1
  • Monday, September 25 in 006 Sparks
  • Exam 2
  • Monday, October 23 in 006 Sparks with Lauren and Danielle
  • Exam 3
  • Monday, November 27 in 006 Sparks with Lauren


  • Exam 1
  • Monday, September 18 in 309 Sparks with Chris
  • Exam 2
  • Monday, October 16 in 006 Sparks with Lauren and Danielle
  • Exam 3
  • Monday, November 27 in 006 Sparks with Lauren

*All review sessions begin at 9:10 PM. Some locations still TBA.

Tutoring Available

Penn State Learning tutors who have performed well in language courses up to the 400-level or beyond are available to meet with small groups and individuals on a drop-in or appointment basis to engage in conversation and to address grammar and composition questions.


1. Click here, then create a login using your PSU email address and a new password. Once logged in, select "Language Tutoring" from the drop-down menu at the top. Available time slots will appear in white. 
2. Select the appropriate tutor and click on an available time slot. A window will appear that will allow you to set the time you would like (no more than 1 hour) and save the appointment. You should receive a confirmation email. 

To make the best use of your tutoring session, be prepared.

  • Bring your textbook and other relevant class materials (study guides, syllabus, etc.).  
  • Bring homework that has already been graded. 
  • Plan your session. Know which concepts you have trouble with and what you would like to review.
  • Keep your expectations reasonable. During busy shifts, tutors may not be able to spend more than 20-30 minutes with you (or, they may group you with other students from your class).

What our tutors cannot do:

  • Provide answers for graded homework questions. Getting extensive help with your graded homework compromises academic integrity.
  • Proofread or edit graded essays. Graded essays are meant to test your comprehension of the language. Getting the essay edited by someone else compromises academic integrity.
  • Ensure that you receive an A on your homework or exam. Your success in the course depends on you. 

What our tutors can do:

  • Explain and review concepts covered by the homework.
  • Provide examples similar to homework questions to help you learn principles and vocabulary.
  • Help you correct homework that has already been graded.  
  • Read part of your essay to help you identify your weak areas.
  • Provide examples to strengthen your understanding so that you can more easily find your errors and correct them on your own.
  • Help you practice pronunciation and new vocabulary.
  • Help you learn how to best use your textbook and other resources.

Contact Information:

Karen-Elizabeth Moroski, PhD
Co-Curricular Programs Coordinator, Writing and Languages
Penn State Learning
Office Address: 206 Boucke Building
Phone: (814) 865-0259