We Are...

The Writing Center @ Penn State Learning is an academic collaboration between students, Penn State Learning staff, and English Department faculty that works with undergraduate students to build knowledge and awareness about writing practices within their university and public lives. Undergraduate peer writing tutors guide students toward their goals by utilizing tutoring strategies, rhetorical knowledge, and personal writing experience to create an environment that emphasizes process and growth over product and perfection. As a staff, we value diversity in language and identity, and view these elements as assets that contribute to greater understanding and meaning making in the world. Peer tutors work to empower writers to leverage their voices in a variety of genres and for multiple purposes, including: class assignments, scholarship and fellowship writing, creative writing, and professional materials. We also seek to support faculty and staff by providing targeted writing instruction and support for their classrooms and professional development.

Peer Writing Tutors

Peer writing tutors are undergraduate students from a broad variety of racial, ethnic, educational, and personal backgrounds. They have undergone a full semester of coursework and training as part of our Writing Tutor Education Program. Peer writing tutors conduct all one-to-one tutorials in our Boucke Building and Pattee Library locations. In addition, they run in-class workshops for faculty across campus.

Undergraduate students seeking to become writing tutors should see our Writing Tutor Education Program.

Peer Writing Tutor Coordinators

Peer Writing Tutor Coordinators are peer leaders in our tutor community who help maintain the successful operation of The Writing Center. Coordinators are hired annually from the current staff of undergraduate writing tutors. Their roles include Workshops Coordinator, Operations Coordinator, Communications Coordinator and Community Manager.

Tabitha Fisher, Writing Center Coordinator

Beth Parfitt, Scholar in Residence for Writing and Communication