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Study Spaces for Groups

Penn State Learning provides Teamwork Areas where groups of students can work on projects, assignments, or presentations for classes.

In our 220 Boucke location, we have several teamwork areas with large tables, seating for 5-6 whiteboards and one computer. Also in located in 220 Boucke is one larger teamwork area set up as a small classroom with several tables, seating for 10-15, blackboards, and computers with large 36” monitor.

Our new Problem Practice & Teamwork Room in 7B Sparks is designed as a small classroom for board work and group projects.

The room is designed so that five or six students can work simultaneously at whiteboards on problems displayed on a large computer monitor. Portable chairs, folding tables, and one whiteboard may be arranged to suit instructional and group needs. The room can accommodate up to ten in a seminar or conference room set-up. Instructors with limited office space are welcome to reserve 7B Sparks for meeting with student groups during regular hours. 
The room is also ideal for math oral assessments.

Related Links:

To reserve a Teamwork Area in any of our locations, please follow the link below to Starfish.  Use the tiles on your Success Network or search for Penn State Learning to schedule teamwork space.  

Once registered, sign in and change the schedule to the appropriate location from the pull down menu. Then simply click on the Teamwork Area that you would like to reserve and fill in the form. Reservations cannot be made less than 24 hours before the reservation. A confirmation email will be sent accordingly. Walk-ins are welcome.

Tutoring Assistance for Groups:

Groups may request the assistance of peer tutors. For example, writing tutors can assist groups in strengthening written or oral reports. If you would like a tutor's assistance, please indicate this on the online reservation form.

Teamwork areas in Boucke: To view  details about each of the six teamwork areas in Boucke, please follow the link below.