Language Tutor

Penn State Learning, which supports undergraduate learning through peer tutoring and peer-guided study groups, hires qualified undergraduate students to work as Spanish, French, Italian, German, Portuguese, and Russian tutors. 

Candidates must be currently pursuing an undergraduate degree at the University Park campus. Ideal candidates will have earned an B+ or better in a 300- or 400- level course for the language they wish to tutor (or are a native speaker pursuing a major or minor in Linguistics, Education, ESL, or English). Preference will be given to sophomores or juniors.

The successful candidate will be expected to work approximately three to ten hours each week providing one-on-one and small-group help to students in Basic Language Courses (001, 002, 003 ,100-level).

Candidates who do not have prior training will be required to complete CI 200: Peer Tutoring, our one-credit tutor training.

To inquire about becoming a language tutor, please fill out this form or contact the Language Program Coordinator, Andrew Davidson at