Course Partnerships

The Public Writing Initiative

The Public Writing Initiative (PWI) is a project of Penn State Learning that works to bring students from Composition, Creative, Technical, Business, Humanities, and Social Sciences writing courses into contact with community organizers and professionals who use writing on a daily basis, even in the most unlikely of fields. The goal of the PWI is to highlight for Penn State students the importance of writing across the curriculum in all fields, disciplines, and ultimately, in all careers.

ENGL 5: Writing Tutorial

English 005 is a 1-credit course that provides weekly one-to-one tutoring for any student enrolled in ENGL 15, ENGL 30, ENGL 137/138, or ENGL 202. Students in the course are assigned a tutor and participate in weekly tutoring sessions to support the work in their writing course. Tutoring staff are English Department graduate student instructors and teaching faculty.

Writing Workshops and Informational Visits for Undergraduate Courses

At the request of instructors, writing tutors will visit classrooms to conduct informational sessions or workshops that are tailored to the writing projects in the course. During an extended class visit, several tutors might spend the entire period assisting students with their writing. In addition, the Writing Center can create custom workshops for writing-oriented events. To request a workshop for your class or program, please fill out our Workshop Request form.