Organizational Chart

Melissa Johnson - Associate Vice President and Associate Dean for Undergraduate Education

R. Neill Johnson - Director, Penn State Learning

  • Administrative Operations
  • Course Communities
    • Brendaly Drayton - Scholar in Residence, Learning Communities
    • John Correll - Guided Study Groups Cocurricular Programs Coordinator
    • Annette Threeton - Guided Study Groups Math Coordinator 
    • Graduate Assistant - Project Assistant for Guided Study Groups (GSGs)
    • Peer Guided Study Group Leaders
  • Math Communities
    • James A. Hager, Jr. - Scholar in Residence for Math and Physical Sciences
    • Brandon Schadle - Cocurricular Programs Coordinator, Math Learning Communities
    • Math Peer Tutor Coordinators and Tutors - World Campus Math Study Group Leaders
  • Writing/Language Communities
    • Elizabeth Parfitt - Scholar in Residence for Writing and Communication
    • Tabitha Fisher - Cocurricular Programs Coordinator
    • Writing Peer Tutor Coordinators and Tutors 
    • World Language Peer Coordinators and Tutors