Giving to Penn State Learning

Each year, 150 undergraduate peer tutors and study group leaders at Penn State Learning help 11,000 students in over 35,000 tutorials. Formats include one-on-one, small and large group, face-to-face and online sessions that support the diverse learning needs of Penn State undergraduates. Our programs support domestic and international, as well as traditional-age and returning-adult students.

At no charge to Penn State students, our paid tutors support hundreds of courses across the undergraduate curriculum in programs that focus on learning mathematics, the natural sciences, statistics, economics, world languages, speaking and writing. These tutor programs are enhanced by gifts that make it possible for tutors to receive advanced training and to attend and present at regional, national, and international conferences.

Donors may also support the Outstanding Guided Study Group Leader Award, which was established by a tutor alumnus to acknowledge and reward exceptional leaders who attend current lectures, prepare co-curricular course materials, engage students in vibrant learning communities, and help peers meet success in larger lecture math and science courses.

Your contribution to enhance the out-of-class learning experience for Penn State students is greatly appreciated. Thank you!

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