Math Study Groups

MATH 034 - Problem Solving (3) 
Concepts in problem solving; reducing new problems to old ones; techniques for attacking problems; building mathematical models. 

MATH 110 - Techniques of Calculus I (4) 
Functions, graphs, derivatives, integrals, techniques of differentiation and integration, exponentials, improper integrals, applications. 

MATH 140 - Calculus with Analytic Geometry I (4) 
Functions, limits; analytic geometry; derivatives, differentials, applications; integrals, applications. 

MATH 140B - Calculus and Biology I (4) 
Functions, limits, analytic geometry; derivatives, differentials, applications from biology. 

MATH 141 - Calculus with Analytic Geometry II (4) 
Derivatives, integrals, applications; sequences and series; analytic geometry; polar coordinates. 

MATH 141B - Calculus and Biology II (4) 
Derivatives, integrals, applications from biology; sequences and series; analytic geometry; polar coordinates. 

MATH 200 - Problem Solving in Mathematics (3) 
Fundamental concepts of arithmetic and geometry, including problem solving, number systems, and elementary number theory. For elementary and special education teacher certification candidates only. 

MATH 201 - Problem Solving in Mathematics II (3) 
A continuation of MATH 200, this course studies the foundations of elementary school mathematics with an emphasis on problem solving. 

“Helpful and good study tool” (Math 141 student) 

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