If you are having difficulty scheduling an appointment, please contact Tabitha Fisher at tdf39@psu.edu with your preferred appointment time.

Summer tutoring will continue to be held online via Zoom, with asynchronous options.

Summer 2020 Hours

**All writing tutoring will be held online via Zoom. All hours are now offered by appointment. Make an appointment on Starfish. (Note: At this time, the appointment link will work only for Penn State University Park undergraduates. We do not currently serve graduate or World Campus students.)


July 1 - August 13

Monday - Thursday, 10 a.m. - 1 p.m., 7 p.m. - 9 p.m.


Monday 10 a.m. - 11 a.m.


Available for submission here Monday 5 a.m. - Thursday at 5 p.m. Please allow time for processing.


Penn State peer tutors are experts at talking about writing. By listening to student concerns and asking questions, tutors can help break through writing blocks for students to express themselves clearly. No matter what your previous experience, they’re here to help. Come join the conversation! 

Who Are Our Tutors?

Penn State Learning’s writing tutors: 

  • are undergraduate peer tutors 
  • have undergone a full semester of coursework and training 
  • come from a broad variety of ethnic, educational, and personal backgrounds 
  • are practicing experts in the field of writing tutoring

How Do They Tutor?

Tutors will: 

  • talk with students about their writing process 
  • ask students to read their projects aloud 
  • discuss questions or concerns about projects 
  • help identify places for improvement 
  • provide proof of tutoring sessions (if requested) 

Tutors will not: 

  • edit or write assignments for students 
  • predict grades for papers 
  • fill out peer review worksheets 

How Can You Arrange Tutoring? 

We offer drop-in and appointment hours, as well as online tutoring by appointment or through our asynchronous submission form. To schedule an appointment, please use the appointment scheduler in Starfish. To make an asynchronous submission, please fill out the asynchronous submission form.

Contact Report Forms

If a professor requests proof of tutoring, please ask the tutor to complete a contact report form. Tutors send out Contact Report Forms once a week. 

If you think a form is missing or would like to inquire about a student’s session, feel free to contact Tabitha Fisher.

Helpful Links

To learn more about how to schedule appointments (whether for online tutoring, face-to-face appointments in 220 Boucke, or multilingual tutoring), click here. 

To learn more about drop-in hours and what to expect during a writing tutorial, click here. 

Please note: because tutoring is a conversation between you and the tutor, papers cannot be dropped off or emailed to us for proofreading or editing. Asynchronous tutoring mimicks the live tutorial environment; any requests for copy editing will be denied.

World Campus students can work with professional online writing tutors at Tutor.com. For more information, visit World Campus Academic Support Center

Graduate students who would like to discuss their work should visit our Graduate Writing Center

You can  request a workshop or a class visit on our For Faculty page.

Further Resources for Writing (Purdue Online Writing Lab)

The National Conference on Peer Tutoring in Writing’s newsletter for peer writing tutors:  The Dangling Modifier

Frequently Asked Questions:

What do you charge for tutoring?

There is no fee for tutoring services. Penn State tuition covers the cost of tutoring for enrolled students.

Can you help with personal statements or cover letters?

Yes. Writing Tutors can help with any genre of writing (research papers, personal statements, poems, lab reports, etc.) at any stage of the writing process.

What will people think if they know I get tutoring?

Tutoring demonstrates a commitment to one’s education. Seeking tutoring is always a smart choice. Tutoring sessions are confidential unless a Contact Report Form is requested. 

Will my professor know I met with a writing tutor?

If you’d like your tutor to email a summary of your session to your professor, you may ask your tutor to fill out a contact report form. Otherwise, your session is confidential. 

Can I make up a peer review session with a writing tutor?

No. You may consult with a tutor for your assignment, but they will not fill out peer review worksheets.

Can I drop my paper off to be edited and pick it up later?

No. Penn State tutoring is based on conversation rather than editing, even in non-live, asynchronous sessions. Please give your tutor the information they need to have a conversation with you.

I met with a writing tutor but am unsatisfied with my final grade. What should I do?

Writing tutors are available to consult with students on work and cannot offer grades. If you visit a writing tutor and are unsatisfied with your grade, you may: 

  1. Read your professor’s comments and ask for clarification. 
  2. Start your next paper earlier. 
  3. Plan to visit the Writing Center multiple times before the due date. 

Can I be a peer writing tutor?

Students interested in tutoring writing should apply to take the peer writing tutor preparation course, English 250. For details, see our Employment: Writing Tutor web page. Upon recommendation from the instructor, we also hire as tutors a limited number of students who have completed APLNG 250, the ESL peer tutor course.

What is asynchronous tutoring?

Asynchronous means “two things which are not happening at the same time.” Asynchronous tutoring means our tutors will hold a tutorial with you that is not live; you may submit an assignment (6 pages or under) by filling out the form here and a tutor will record a video mimicking a live tutorial session. The tutor will ask questions and offer suggestions just as they would in a live session.

Contact Information:

Tabitha Fisher, M.A.
Co-Curricular Programs Coordinator, Writing and Languages
Penn State Learning
Office Address: 206 Boucke Building
Phone: (814) 865-0259
Email: tdf39@psu.edu