CHEM 110 & 110B - Chemical Principles I (3) 
Basic concepts and quantitative relations. 

CHEM 112 & 112B - Chemical Principals II (3) 
Reaction rates and chemical kinetics, catalysis, acid-base equilibria, the pH scale, common-ion effect, acid-base titrations, factors that affect solubility, buffers, chemical thermodynamics, entropy, free energy, electrochemistry, oxidation-reduction reactions, oxidation numbers, voltaic cells, batteries, corrosion, electrolysis, chemistry of the nonmetals such as hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, halogens, noble gases, transition metals, modern materials, alloys and metallurgy, nuclear chemistry, fission and fusion. 

CHEM 210 & 210B - Organic Chemistry I (3) 
Bonding theories for organic molecules; stereochemistry and conformational analysis; reactions (and mechanisms) of alkyl halides, alkenes, alkynes, aromatics, alcohols, and ethers), organic reaction mechanisms focusing on electrophiles and nucleophiles, and aromaticity. 

CHEM 212B - Organic Chemistry II (3) 
This course will continue to build upon the important concepts learned in the prerequisite, CHEM 210B, with an emphasis on reactions mechanisms and organic synthesis. 

PHYS 211 - General Physics: Mechanics (3) 
Calculus-based study of the basic concepts of mechanics: motion, force, Newton's laws, energy, collisions, and rotation. 

PHYS 212 - General Physics: Electricity and Magnetism (3) 
Calculus-based study of the basic concepts of electricity and magnetism. 

PHYS 250 - Introductory Physics I (3) 
Selected topics in mechanics, heat, and sound. 

PHYS 251 - Introductory Physics II (3) 
Selected topics in light, electricity, and magnetism. 

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