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GSG Employment Opportunities

Guided Study Groups (GSG) is a collaborative learning community that supports and enhances the academic work of students enrolled in challenging or “high-risk” first-year courses.  Historically, GSG sessions have been offered in a variety of larger lecture courses in business, math, statistics and the sciences. 

These study groups are guided by an undergraduate leader, who has successfully completed the course, and attends the course lectures to review and remain current with the material as the information is shared today. Our trained leaders facilitate two to three free weekly study sessions throughout the semester.  In addition, supervisors (professional staff and graduate students) observe and provide constructive feedback regularly to ensure the students have a meaningful out-of-class academic experience.  

Important Note Regarding Training

Tutor training is a vital component to any successful tutoring program.  Professional staff in Penn State Learning encourage you to participate in a one-credit course that will help you develop an awareness of the needs of the students you will tutor. The Peer Tutoring (C I 200) course is designed to review and discuss setting-up and organizing a tutoring session, individual versus group tutoring, understanding learning styles, communicating cross culturally with students, the importance of study skills and more. Course information is available upon request.

GSG Employment - FALL 2020

Thank you for your interest in becoming a Guided Study Group leader! Vacant positions are Chem 110, Chem 210, Econ 102, Econ 104, Math 34, 140, 141, 140E, 200/201, Phys 211, 212, 250, Stat 200, and 250. Refer to the Undergraduate Guided Study Group Leader job posting in the Penn State Jobs website to apply. For additional information contact