GSG Spring 2016:

Regularly scheduled GSG sessions ended the evening of Thursday, April 28th.  Be sure to consult your faculty, TAs or learning assistants during office hours and visit course related resource rooms such as the Chemistry Resource Room (New Location: 114 Whitmore) or the Physics Learning Resource Center (207 Osmond).   Best wishes with your finals!  

GSG Physics Final Exam Review: (by course number)

PHYS 212:  Robert (GSG Leader) will facilitate an exam review on Saturday, April 30th from 2:30-5:30pm in 111 Wartik.


CHEM 110:  Beginning Sunday, March 27th, Shaurya (GSG Leader) will meet students in 306 Boucke from 6:30-8:00pm.  This new Sunday session time and location will replace his former Wednesday session which was held in 216 Boucke (6:00-7:30pm).  This change is for the remainder of the spring semester.

PHYS 211L:  Beginning Sunday, February 14th, Jacob's (GSG Leader) sessions will meet on Sundays (4:00-5:30pm in 216 Boucke) and Wednesdays (6:00-7:30pm in 011 Life Sciences).

PHYS 250L:  Beginning Wednesday, March 2nd, Chris' (GSG Leader) Wednesday sessions (6:30-8:00pm) will meet in 012 Life Sciences.

Tutorial assistance for the courses below can be obtained by participating in Guided Study Groups (GSG) during the fall and spring semesters.  GSG sessions are free and are led two to three times a week by an undergraduate peer leader, who has previously met success in the course.  Click on the "Study Groups" tab for detailed information.

BIOL 110 - Biology: Basic Concepts and Biodiversity (4)
A study of the evolution of the major groups of organisms including the fundamental concepts of biology.

CHEM 110 - Chemical Principles I (3)
Basic concepts and quantitative relations.

CHEM 112 - Chemical Principles II (3)  
Continuation of CHEM 110, including an introduction to the chemistry of elements.  [NOTE:  GSG for this course will not offered for Fall '14.]

CHEM 210 - Organic Chemistry I (3)
Bonding theories for organic molecules; stereochemistry and conformational analysis; reactions (and mechanisms) of alkyl halides, alkenes, alkynes, aromatics, alcohols, and ethers), organic reaction mechanisms focusing on electrophiles and nucleophiles, and aromaticity.  

PHYS 211L - General Physics: Mechanics (0)  
Calculus-based study of the basic concepts of mechanics: motion, force, Newton's laws, energy, collisions, and rotation.  

PHYS 212L - General Physics: Electricity and Magnetism (0)
Calculus-based study of the basic concepts of electricity and magnetism.  

PHYS 250L  - Introductory Physics I (0) 
Selected topics in mechanics, heat, and sound.

PHYS 251L  - Introductory Physics II (0) 
Selected topics in light, electricity, and magnetism.

Learning Assistance Resources for Science and Engineering Students

Many colleges at Penn State provide advising and tutoring resources locally for students who take their courses. Some departments also provide private tutor lists. So if you do not find exactly what you need, please ask your classmates and instructors if they know how you can find available tutors.

Here are some links to college-based academic assistance resources.

Contact Information:

Dr. Brendaly Drayton
Cocurricular Programs Coordinator - Guided Study Groups (GSG)
Office Location:  205D Boucke
814-863-6313 or

Dr. Angelique M. Bacon-Woodard
Scholar in Residence – Learning Communities
Office Address:  212B Boucke
814-865-2017 or
814-865-1841 (Student Receptionist – 220 Boucke Building)


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