Cope with Test Anxiety: On Exam Day

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The day of the exam:


When you arrive at the location of the exam and begin the exam:

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During the exam:

-Turn the test paper over and close your eyes.

-Change positions to help you relax. Stretch your arms and legs and then relax them again. Tense and relax muscles in several parts of your body, then take several deep breaths with your eyes still closed. Breathe in slowly to the count of seven and exhale to the count of seven. Concentrate on your breathing.

-If possible, do something different for a few seconds. For example: get a drink, sharpen a pencil, eat a snack, ask a question.

-Turn the test paper right side up, and give yourself a positive self pep talk (i.e., "You're sure to do well. You studied hard and remember, you got an A on that final in physics.") This whole procedure should take only about a minute to do. It's well worth the time!

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After the Exam:



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