Brainstorming is a way to generate ideas within a group setting. It is usually used in the beginning stages of a project, where the possibilities for the project are not clearly understood or defined. It provides a quick means for tapping the creativity of a limited number of people for a large number of ideas. The brainstorming environment fosters an uninhibited, non-judgmental explosion of ideas, concepts, policies, decisions, and strategies. In brainstorming, all contributions are valid, and the key to a successful session is to share as many ideas as possible without evaluating them. Flowchart of activity conducting. An activity is conducted by starting with explaining a problem in a group, presenting rules, then generating and elaborating on ideas, and ending with wrapping up the activity.

Brainstorming sessions can be unstructured - that is, there may not be a moderator or facilitator. Most sessions, however, are facilitated, structured discussions with guidelines to help the process move along smoothly and allow a variety of perspectives and ideas to surface.

Goals and Objectives

Upon completion of this tutorial, you will be able to:


Read the information about brainstorming and complete the activities.


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