Brainstorming Techniques and Rules


Factors for Effective Brainstorming

Brainstorming sessions are most successful when you make sure that certain factors exist before the beginning of a brainstorming session. These factors include:

  1. A well-defined and clearly stated problem that needs to be addressed during the session.
  2. A group member assigned to act as recorder and write down all the ideas as they are shared.
  3. The right number of people.

    Clues for determining the "right" group size:

    • You don't have trouble scheduling the brainstorming session.
    • You don't have individuals or factions of the group at war with each other.
    • Work is divided equitably among group members.
    • You are able to reach consensus.
    • You are able to generate new and creative ideas to think about.

  4. Keep your ideas clear.

    Questions to keep in mind in order to make sure ideas are clear

    • How similar or diverse are the backgrounds of people in the group?
    • How wide is the range of technical skills and subject knowledge in the group?
    • Is there background information that needs to be presented to make the idea clear?

  5. A group member assigned to enforce the guidelines/rules you have set.


Brainstorming Evaluation Checklist

There are several questions that you should keep in mind during the evaluation of a brainstorming session.


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