Instructor's Guide

Assessment Criteria

The following assessment criteria was used in developing this tutorial and may be useful to instructors in evaluating student performance.


Assessment Criteria





In-class and independently


The student can write an autobiography by using proper punctuation marks, choice of appropriate words, logical flow of sentence contexts, etc.


In-class and independently



The student can prepare for an autobiography by doing/creating the following:

1) self-assessment to determine his/her learning style and personality type

2) transmission and reception of information in electronic form

3) well-developed outline

4) autobiography


Assignment in Tutorial


The student can address all areas indicated below in his/her autobiography:

· name

· background (geographical, etc.)

· reason for being at PSU

· desired accomplishments

· strengths

· weaknesses

· interests

· a summary of the completed self-assessment forms

· future goals

· financial constraints

· How can I graduate with the skills I need?

· How can I obtain the finances I need in a way that enhances my education and life goals?

· How can I utilize my time most efficiently?

· How can I experience the social aspects of college in a way that most benefits my life goals?