Concept Maps


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Concept mapping is a visualization tool coA concept map.mprized of learning techniques that help develop and organize ideas. These visual and active thinking techniques can be used to create an external representation (or picture) of a set of ideas or a body of knowledge. By generating representations, tools such as concept maps, graphic organizers, webbing, idea maps, and other visual diagrams help to structure thoughts, illustrate in-depth ideas, and show relationships between and among them. 

Goals and Objectives

Upon completion of this tutorial, you will be able to:



Constructing, interpreting, and critiquing concept maps are all ways to learn about them, learn how to use them, and also why to use them. First, read the materials on concept maps. As you read through the information about concept maps, complete the activities to practice making and reading them.

  1. Information about Concept Maps
  2. Activity 1: What is a Concept Map?
  3. Why Use Concept Maps
  4. Activity 2: Benefits of Using Concept Maps
  5. How to Develop a Concept Map
  6. Principles about Linking
  7. Activity 3: Creating a Concept Map
  8. Assessment Criteria
  9. Activity 4: Evaluating a Concept Map

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