Activity 4: Comparing Answers

Students in a large lecture hall


You are in a large, lecture-style class. Because of the size of the class, the tests are all bubble sheets. Because the chairs are bolted down and students need to sit right next to each other, the faculty member has three variations of the test and they are distributed so that students sitting next to each other will not have the same version of the test.

As tests are being handed out, you notice that this one person doesn't take the question sheet on the top, but pulls one out of the stack and then compares it with the person to his left before passing the stack on to the next person in the row. During the test you notice that the way they are positioning their bodies and answer sheets allows these two people to compare answers as they go along.

What would you do?

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What would you do?

This is where you will need to draw on your own personal philosophy of academic integrity. Will you turn your eyes away and act like nothing is happening because, after all, it's none of your business? Will you tell one of the people proctoring the exam and hope that they will just separate the two students and let them continue to take the exam since they really haven't cheated yet? Will you wait until the test is finished and talk to the two people who were cheating, maybe asking them to turn themselves in?

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