Undergraduate Guided Study Group (GSG) Leaders

GSG Employment - Spring 2017

We are seeking to fill the following STAT 200 Guided Study Groups (GSG) leader positions only for spring 2017.  Please note that the GSG leader must be available to attend the course lectures for one of the instructors listed below:

One position open for Dr. Philtron – 8:00-8:50 am, Wed & Fri

One position open for Dr. Buchanan – 8:00-8:50am, Tues & Thurs or 9:05-9:55am, Mon & Wed

Penn State Learning, which supports learning through peer tutoring and study groups, seeks undergraduate Guided Study Group (GSG) leaders to provide academic assistance and collaborative learning opportunities to students in high-enrollment courses such as CHEM 110 & 210, ECON 102 & 104, MATH 034, 110, 140, 140B, 141, 141B, 200 & 201, PHYS 211, 212, 250 & 251 and STAT 200 & 250.  We currently have a few STAT 200 leader positions open for spring 2017.  

Candidates must have completed the course in which they wish to conduct guided study sessions with a grade of B or higher; be available to attend all course-related lectures and facilitate two to three study sessions per week; enjoy working with peers on understanding and applying course concepts; possess strong communication skills and utilize effective facilitation or group dynamic skills; have the ability and desire to work openly and constructively with supervisors; be willing to adhere to program procedures; and be currently enrolled as a full-time undergraduate student at University Park.

Interested individuals should access our University's Electronic Job Management System (EJMS; https://psu.jobs/) to submit an application.  In addition to a cover letter and resume, please submit a recent transcript.  Federal Work Study recipients are encouraged to apply.  The job number for spring 2017 positions is #68053.

Prior tutor/learning assistant (LA) training and experience are a plus.  Those without prior training or experience will be required to complete one of several in-service training options.